House Specialties (Entrée/Combination Plate)

House Specialties

Menu Item Price
H1 Double Flavor Scallops & Shrimp 12.95
H2 Sizzling scallops and beef 12.95
H3 Seafood Delight 12.95
H4 Kung Pao Medley 12.95
H5 Dragon and Phoenix Delight 12.95
H6 House Special Fried Noodles 12.95
H7 Orange Flavor Beef 12.95
H8 Shrimps and Scallop in Garlic Sauce 12.95
H9 Sesame Shrimps 12.95
H10 Five Spice Shrimp 12.95


Menu Item Price
H11 Hot Braised Chicken 11.95
H12 Chicken and Beef Hunan Style 11.95
H13 Happy Family 11.95
H14 General Tso’s or Orange Chicken 11.95
H15 Sweet and Sour Delight 11.95

Combination Plate

Menu Item Price
H16 Sesame Chicken 10.95
H17 Sesame Beef 10.95
H18 Chicken and Shrimp Sautéed 10.95
H19 Triple Delight 10.95
H20 Teriyaki Chicken 10.95